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Five Reasons To Ditch Your Single-Use Plastic Bottles For Reusable Ones

Five Reasons To Ditch Your Single-Use Plastic Bottles For Reusable Ones

We all have our own reasons for going green and joining the fight against plastic pollution. Some of us are aware of just how much single-use plastics impacts our environment and others want a stylish and versatile bottle that meets all of our drinking needs. Whatever your motivation, here are our top 5 reasons to ditch single-use plastic and invest in a Hapi drinks flask!

Reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles

Did you know that on average, in the UK we use 7.7 billion single-use plastic bottles every year! Of those, 3.5 billion do NOT get recycled!

Shocking right?

Every hour, the number of those bottles used, stacked end to end, would be tall enough to reach the shard…289 times!

With this whopping amount of plastic that the UK used just from single-use bottles alone, it can take thousands of years to degrade fully. This has a detrimental effect for our environment both on land and underwater.

Surely it’s not worth all of that damage just for sake of a bottle we will only use once, is it?

Reusable bottles are better for your health

Plastic isn’t just bad for the planet, it’s also bad for our bodies too. Many of the single-use plastic bottles that we use gradually leak a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) into the water that we are drinking. The chemicals released by these plastics have the potential, and often do, alter hormones which can cause several behavioural issues both amongst children and adults as well as cardiovascular issues—alongside many more horrible side effects.

Don’t worry, all of our Hapi Bottles products are 100% BPA free.

Freedom to control what goes inside of the bottle

Unlike single-use bottles, with our Hapi drinks flasks, you have the freedom to choose exactly what you drink throughout the day. Fancy a hot coffee in the morning? No problem, you’ve got 12 hours to enjoy the warmth. In need of an ice-cold water or a smoothie after an intense workout? We’ve got you covered for 24 hours!

Win, win!

One bottle could last you a lifetime

The great thing about investing in a Hapi drinks flask is that it has the potential to last you a lifetime (when taken care of properly of course!) Unlike the single-use design of everyday plastic bottles, the sturdy and reliable design of a reusable flask can last for many years. Not only does this save your body from the potentially harmful plastics, but it also contributes to saving our planet too!

Save money on drinks

Ditching single-use plastics and switching to a reusable water bottle or flask really is an investment, which in the long run saves you plenty of money. Instead of constantly having to buy new bottles that you will only be using once, you have the freedom to fill your bottle at home which is a win-win both for you and the environment! Did you know that the average person goes through 167 disposable plastic water bottles a year, which amounts to roughly £200?!

Join us as we fight plastic pollution, on a mission to make the world Hapi, Healthy and Hydrated. Shop now

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