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2019 - The Hustle begins

Hapi Bottles began with a question… How can we create a stylish, unique and innovative product that actually makes a difference? Months of research, development and testing helped us find the answer which takes the form of a sleek, durable and eco-friendly travel mug fit for everybody, regardless of their Hustle.

We understand how busy life can be.

We know just how essential it is to keep hydrated throughout the day.

We realize the importance of renewable products to replace single-use plastic.

Once we combined all of this knowledge, that’s when our first launch: The Hustle emerged.

The best thing about our solution is that nothing has to be compromised. Who says that style and sustainability can’t work hand-in-hand? In fact, we believe exactly the opposite! Hapi Bottles have been designed to create an iconic, stylish look whilst simultaneously reducing the price that the Earth has to pay.


Our mission

Single-use plastic is a thing of the past. The Hapi Bottles family aims to help as many people Hustle in each and every aspect of their lives, in the most efficient and ecological way possible, whilst still being stylish. From the full-time Hustlers hard at work all day, to the mini-Hustlers in need of hydration after an activity-packed day at school, we provide bottles that you can rely on. We believe we each have the power to contribute to a more sustainable future, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing the way we work, play and live.


Our Products 

travel mug flask

The Hustle is our original Hapi release which is a 400ml reusable and durable travel mug. What makes our bottles so unique isn’t just the sleek, stylish design but the functionality itself. Our Hapi Bottles are able to maintain the temperature of hot drinks for up to 12 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours. No matter what life has in store for you each and every day, Hapi has you covered. We chose the name quite simply based on those factors alone- everyone has their Hustle; we design bottles to make life just that little bit easier for you.

We know how busy life can get, whether that be completing the school run before a long day at work, powering through an intense workout, or on the commute to run some errands. That’s why our bottles are the perfect investment. The smart-lock feature ensures that you will never have to worry about your drinks unexpectedly leaking.

Hapi Bottles creates travel-mugs for the whole family; that’s what led us to release the 350ml variation. We named this release the Mini Hustle. Hydration is just as important for the little ones as it is for adults and our cool, colourful design makes it the perfect choice for them too. This size is super convenient and is also ideal for those who travel light.  It’s also the perfect size for a cup of tea or coffee, so adults can enjoy the Mini Hustle too!


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