Hapi Bottles is a family-owned and operated brand, founded in 2019. We launched our first product in March 2020, yes that’s correct March 2020 the month the pandemic took hold in the UK along with the rest of the world. Like many people around the world we had to adapt, both as family and a new business to the challenges that arose as a result of dealing with the global pandemic. Thankfully we managed to navigate our way around this new world and the business has gone from strength to strength with over 6,000 flasks sold to date and thousands of Hapi customers.

The Idea

Born out of the frustration of being unable to to find reusable water bottle or flask that complemented our daily routines in terms of style, performance and functionality. After months of research we landed on a design that ticked all of these boxes and we felt would have mass appeal and so the journey began.

Our Mission

To create a brand that not only develops stylish and functional products that consider the future of our environment but also gives us the freedom and resources to support causes and communities close to our heart. We are proud to say we have been able to support several worthy causes over the last 18 months and will continue to look for opportunites to help where we can.

Recommendation from Davina McCall

We were super excited to be featured on Davina McCall & Michael Douglas' Making The Cut podcast. This came as a total surprise to us and only became aware when a new customer contacted us. Davina gave a wonderful, personal review of our product which was purchased by her mum for her dad who has Alzheimer's and often doesn't drink enough water and thankfully our direct drinks flask has proved to be the solution. We have received similar great feedback from many of our other customers, so it's great to see our product is making a positive difference not only to the planet but to personal wellbeing.

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