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      Care Instructions

      • Before first use of the Hapi Bottle, dissemble and wash with warm soapy water
      • Dry thoroughly and assemble bottle, ready for use
      • The Hapi Bottle must not be put in the dishwasher
      • Do not use any abrasive or erosive materials or cleansers to clean the bottle as this may affect the paint and quality of the product
      • After each use, the bottle must be thoroughly cleaned and dried
      • Do not put bottle in the microwave
      • Do not leave contents in the bottle for more than 24 hours

      Assembly and Use

      • Make sure bottle is thoroughly dry before assembling
      • Insert silicone lid insert into lid, ensuring there are no gaps
      • Place silicone ring onto base of plastic mouthpiece ensuring there are no gaps
      • Push plastic mouthpiece into plastic lid in upward motion from underneath the plastic lid
      • The lid is now assembled
      • Place the lid on the bottle and turn clockwise to attach
      • Do no overfill the bottle. Liquids should not go above the natural bend in the neck
      • Assembly video can be found at

      • Push lid down until you hear a click to close lid
      • Slide the lock button to the left to lock the lid
      • Slide the lock button to the right to unlock the lid
      • Push the button to open lid

      Temperature Retention

      • The Hapi Bottle can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours
      • Use the following instructions to get the best temperature retention from the product

      Temperature Retention Guidelines

      1. Preheat/precool the bottle by filling with hot/cold water and leaving to stand for 10 minutes
      2. Empty the water and put beverage into bottle
      3. Seal lid immediately
      • The best retention is based on a number of factors
        • The temperature of the liquid is when put into the bottle
        • How often the bottle is opened and heat can escape/enter
        • Whether the bottle has been preheated/precooled prior to putting the liquid in

      Important Information

      • Do not overfill bottle. This could result in scalding
      • Leakages can occur, avoid the following:
        • Overfilling the bottle will result in liquid residue getting trapped inside the lid and give the impression of leakage
        • If either the silicone lid insert or silicone ring is not fitted properly, this will create leakage
        • If the lid is not locked inside a bag, the button may get inadvertently pressed and the lid may open causing spillage and/or scalding
      • Do not put bottle in the microwave
      • Do not put bottle in the dishwasher
      • Do not use abrasive materials to clean the bottle
      • Ensure all elements of the bottle are assembled correctly before usage
      • Do not leave contents in the bottle for more than 24 hours
      • Do not put carbonated products into the bottle as the pressure may cause the lid to open involuntarily which could cause injury and/or damage to the bottle