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      Cleaning The Hapi Bottle

      • Before first use it is advisable to soak your Hapi Bottle in warm soapy water for approx. 10 minutes
      • Remove the screw-top lid and pop out the sipping mechanism by pressing down into the mouthpiece
        • You can further disassemble the lid for deeper cleaning by removing the rubber rim around the mouthpiece base, and the lid insert if necessary
      • Submerge bottle into warm soapy water
        • Do not use abrasive chemicals or materials to clean your bottle
      • Use bottle brush to clean interior of bottle and a sponge or cloth for exterior and mouthpiece
      • Rinse bottle with clean warm water and air dry
      • Reassemble your Hapi Bottle
      • Do not put your Hapi Bottle in the dishwasher

      Is The Hapi Bottle dishwasher friendly?

      We do not advise putting The Hustle in the dishwasher as the components in dishwasher tablets should not be used on steel. Please find cleaning instructions here.

      How do I keep my drinks cold for as long as possible?

      To keep drinks cold for as long as possible you can add lots of ice and ensure the drink is cold when entered into the bottle.  When in a warn climate, ensure the lid of the bottle is closed when not drinking.

      How do I keep my hot drinks hot for as long as possible?

      Before adding your hot drink to the Hapi Bottle, we advise letting some boiled water sit in the bottle for approximately 20 minutes prior which will heat up the steel ready for your drink.  This will extend the period your drink stays hot for.  Ensure your drink is hot when you put it into the bottle, and that you close the lid when you are not drinking.

      Can my Hapi Bottle be put in the fridge?

      We suggest not putting you bottle in the fridge.

      The Hapi Bottle keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours, so this should not be required.  If you would like to keep drinks extra cold, you can add ice cubes to the bottle.