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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Stay cool this summer with Hapi Bottles


Designed exclusively for people who love to drink water.

Hapi Bottle is engineered to make it incredibly easy to stay hydrated. Whether you enjoy water mixed with tea, coffee fruit or in it's natural undiluted form you need look no further. We believe that a properly hydrated human is a happy human, and happy humans tend do more of what they love.

Hapi Bottle

Life is about choices and we believe how you decide to stay hydrated is an important one. Once you have chosen your favourite Hapi Bottle you have have the option of sipping via the drinking spout or the wide mouth opening.

Whichever option you choose it will always be the right one.

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Hapi Handle

Our research has shown that once you purchase a Hapi Bottle you will be taking everywhere - the office, the gym and awkward first dates. So why not make all those adventures as comfortable as possible with a Hapi Handle.

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Let's get Hapi and hydrated.

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